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Ray Bans Sunglasses Sale Online.The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you’ll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.There are few accessories as iconic as a Ray-Ban sunglasses.Whether you go with Jake and Elwood’s classic wayfarers from “The Blues Brothers,” Tom Cruise’s aviators from “Top Gun,” or the clubmasters of Mr. Orange in “Reservoir Dogs,” there’s hardly a look that Ray-Ban has made that has not become a pop-cultural phenomenon.The praise is well-deserved; anyone who has owned a pair of Ray-Bans knows that they are great shades for all occasions.Recently, we’ve observed a new wave of scams on Facebook.Cheap Knockoff Ray Bans Aviator. Crooks are luring social network users to visit bogus Ray-Ban e-shops and buy heavily discounted sunglasses there. Victims’ payment card details are at risk.The spam ads are spread via hacked Facebook accounts that attackers have taken control of using malware and social engineering tactics. Subsequently, without the owner’s consent, they post pictures promoting fake Ray-Ban sunglasses with discounts as high as 90%.On top of the possibility of losing few dollars on counterfeit goods, victims’ payment card details are at risk. Also, the transactions run directly on the bogus sites, not via a secure payment portal, allowing the payment card’s details to travel unencrypted across the internet.Ray Bans Aviator Outlet.


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Replica Ray Bans Outlet.60 years of the 20th century – a time of change and revolution. The company’s designers instantly caught the trend, reinterpreting the classic style. Thus were born Olympian rectangular with rounded corners and slightly bent lens metal shackle. In the ’70s were marked by freedom. The popular actor Clint Eastwood decades gladly wore Balorama. The legendary singer Bob Dylan almost never appeared in public without updated Wayfarer, which gave him an enigmatic nonconformist privlekatelnosti.Sleduyuschee decade has been a period of unprecedented triumph of Ray-Ban. Points lit up in “The Blues Brothers”, Top Gun, “risky business.” In “reybenah” starring Denzel Washington, Tim Roth, Will Smith, Johnny Depp, Tommy Lee Dzhons.Udobnye and stylish, these glasses today at the peak of popularity.Fake Ray Bans Sale. They are happy to pose for David Beckham and George Clooney. Shocking Joe Biden regularly appears in public wearing sunglasses restrained dizayna.Ochki this brand – not just a minute trend is resilient classic. Since then, as the first “Aviators” helped US pilots reach new heights, Ray-Ban is synonymous with beauty, taste and high status.Cheap Replica Ray Bans.

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Ray Bans Sunglasses Outlet.His appearance in the light glasses Ray-Ban obliged the United States Air Force. In 1929, the Command ordered in obscure then the company Bausch & Lomb to develop a model that would protect pilots’ eyes from the blinding sunlight.So there was Aviator design. Also unusual appearance, these glasses have been endowed with a number of important features: protects from UV rays, have an innovative anti-reflective coating to minimize optical distortion of objects, they were robust and reliable.Hipsters pilots proud of fashionable sunglasses AVIATOR with drop-shaped lenses, and the original metal frame.Ray Bans Wayfarer Outlet. They immediately became the object of attention of girls. brave military success did not go unnoticed: over time, the Americans have taken practical novelty on arms. After a few years, “Aviator” has swept away from the shelves of all the states.Buy a world popular brand also helped Hollywood. American actors – trendsetters, and whatever they are, is instantly thing must have. Glasses Ray-Ban became part of the image of movie stars and musicians have given their image expressiveness and perfection. In 1952 I went on sale Wayfarer model. Legendary James Dean immediately appreciated the novelty, and even starred in her film “Rebel Without a Cause.”Fake Ray Bans Sale Online.

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